Garfield Fire & Rescue

Garfield Fire & Rescue consists of 26 volunteers that cover 52 square miles and provides fire suppression, fire prevention, medical response and rescue operations including, but not limited to extrication and water rescue incidents.

Garfield Fire & Rescue proudly serves the following communities:
City of Garfield
Portions of
Moe Township
Lagrand Township
Ida Township

For non emergencies  – contact 320-834-2223

Garfield Fire & Rescue Apparatus  click here to view

2019 Officers
Chief – Jed Tatro
Assistant Chief – Eric Rieber
Assistant Chief  – Craig Sholts
Training Officer – Jamie Hess
Chief Engineer – Jeff Chlian
Safety Officer – Bob Rehovsky
Secretary/Treasurer – Rich Bodde

Firefighter/EMR     Kyle Nieland
Firefighter/EMR     Ben Johnson
Firefighter/EMR     Paul Tollefson
Firefighter/EMR     Craig Klug
Firefighter/EMR     John Wussow
Firefighter/EMR     Jayson Tilleskjor
Firefighter/EMR     Jason Uhde
Firefighter/EMR     Nate Reed
Firefighter/EMR     Adam Baumann
Firefighter/EMR     Tony Carlson
Firefighter/EMR     Keith Ramsay
Firefighter/EMR     Colin Wilde
Firefighter/EMR     Chad Perry
Firefighter/EMR     Jason Kluver
Firefighter/EMR     Justin Klimek
Probationary          Bailey Diedrich
Probationary          Melissa Vikesland
Probationary          Randy Knott