City Applies to DNR for Grant to Build a Trailhead Along the Central Lakes Trail

The City of Garfield submitted a Federal Recreational Trail Program (FRTP) grant application to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on February 28.  The grant request is for building a trailhead facility along the Central Lakes Trail within the city limits of Garfield.  The trailhead proposal is for a graveled parking area for persons accessing the trail, including snowmobile riders who need a place to unload their sleds.  In addition, there would be an open shelter for picnic tables, a portable unisex bathroom facility that would be available during the summer, signage to let people know where they are along the trail, and trees, shrubs and other plantings to make the facility attractive.

The proposed trailhead would be located north of County Road 82, east of County Road 12 and south of the trail.  This is located on the Mn/DOT trail right-of-way, so the city does not own the land, but would have an agreement with Mn/DOT to use the property for the trailhead.  The total project cost is estimated at $16,590 and the city is requesting a 50% federal grant from the FRTP.  The city needs to come up with the other 50%, and is planning to submit a grant request to the Bikes Belong Coalition for the required match.  In addition, the city has received support from The Douglas County Public Works, the Alexandria Rotary Club (which would provide labor and materials for planting the vegetation) and the Bike Shop.

If the city receives the grants, the project would be constructed during the summer of 2004.