Beautification of Garfield

The City of Garfield purchased six decorative banners that have been hung on light poles throughout the city.  The banners have the American flag on them and say “Garfield est. 1905.”  They will be permanent and are a great addition to the city.

The Garfield Centennial Beautification Committee is planning to install three permanent flower beds in the city this spring.  As part of the design, the city plans to use flowering trees and evergreen trees along with smaller shrubs, perennials and annual flowers.  These beds will be maintained each year by the local 4H clubs.

In addition, the City purchased one large 6′ by 8′ sign that will say “Garfield Welcomes You” and be placed near the intersection of County Road 82 and 40.  The Garfield Community Club will also purchase two smaller 4′ by 6′ signs with the same design and plans are to install them at each end of town along County Road 82.