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Lawn Clippings

Just a friendly reminder to all Garfield residents that NO grass clippings/leaves are to be blown onto the streets when mowing lawn. This causes blockage to the drainage of storm water. Thank you!

Amendment made to city ordinance regarding water and sewer billing

The Garfield City Council passed a resolution at its regular December 2001 council meeting to amend the ordinance regarding water and sewer billing.  The amendment was made as a result of several businesses and residents getting behind in paying their water and sewer bills.  The amended ordinance follows:

If the water and sewer charges are not paid in full by the following month, e.g., charges for January must be paid by March 25, the water will be shut off.  To have the water reconnected, the individual or business will need to pay the charges for the services, a $10.00 reconnect fee, and a $100.00 deposit.  This $100.00 deposit will be returned to the individual or business after one (1) year of on time payments, i.e., if the bill is due on the 25th of the month the payment must be made on or before the 25th of the month.

There will be no exceptions made on this resolution.