City Council Meeting

Due to Covid-19 and social distancing, City Council will be conducting their regular Council meetings via ZOOM. The monthly Council meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. If you would like to join the meeting either by phone or video, please contact the City Clerk by 3:00 p.m. the 2nd Monday for the password. City Clerk can be reached at 320-834-2238

Garfield Centennial Celebration a Huge Success!

Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, the celebration of Garfield’s history and vision of the city’s future on August 13th and 14th was a great success!  The Community Club members, History Book Committee, Entertainment Committee, Vendor Committee, Beautification Committee, Sales and Marketing and Finance Committees all deserve a huge pat on the back.  In addition, there were many other groups and individuals that donated their time and energy (and not to mention money!) to ensure that this would be a celebration to remember for a long time.  A special thank you to the Garfield Fire Department for all of the donations for various events, including a tremendous fireworks display and the kids games.

The city hopes that if you were able to attend part or all of the celebration, that you enjoyed it.


Planning for Garfield’s 100th Centennial Celebration in 2005

The Garfield Community Club, along with various community members, continue planning for the city’s biggest celebration, it’s 100th year Centennial Celebration, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday, August 13 and 14, 2005.  There are many events being planned and they can’t all be packed into a single day, hence the addition of Sunday.  This year’s celebration is sure to eclipse all others in attendance and quality and quantify of events!

For a list of activities and events the whole family can enjoy, click here Garfield Community Events Times of the events should be posted soon.

The Centennial Committee (made up of the Community Club and others participating) formalized its structure at the November 18, 2004 meeting.  Gaye Mounsdon is President and Treasurer.  Mike Schreiner is Vice Chairperson and Carla Nienaber is Secretary.  There were several committees formed to do much of the event planning, including history, sales/advertising, entertainment, etc. so the entire committee does not get bogged down trying to plan the event.  The committees have authority to make decisions and bring recommendations to the full committee for a final vote.


Garfield Summer Celebration a Success!

The annual Garfield Summer Celebration ended on Saturday, August 9 with a high note.  The event was a great success from beginning to end.  From the numerous garage sales to the excellent parade and activities for all ages to enjoy.  It could not have been accomplished without the efforts of the Garfield Community Club, Garfield Fire Department and First Responders, and all of the sponsors too many to mention.  The Community Club would like to thank all that participated in making this year’s event even greater than last.

The City of Garfield and the Community Club looks forward to begin preparations for next year’s celebration, which will be held on the 2nd Saturday in August, 2004.