City Receives Approval for Central Lakes Trailhead Facility

The City of Garfield recently received final approval from the MN Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for an $8,295 grant from the Federal Recreational Trail Program to build a shelter and parking area along the Central Lakes Trail in Garfield.  The city will receive matching funds from donations made to development of the trail through Douglas County Public Works.  The Alexandria Rotary Club will plant trees and shrubs to beautify the trailhead area.  The trailhead will be built in the Summer of 2004.


City Receives Approval Recommendation from DNR to Build a Trailhead Along the Central Lakes Trail

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) met with the city on April 1 to review the Federal Recreational Trail Program (FRTP) grant application that the city submitted at the end of February.  The city successfully passed the initial selection phase for receiving 50% of the total project cost for building a trailhead along the trail near County Roads 82 and 12 in Garfield.  A site visit was also conducted.  On April 28, the city received a letter from the DNR recommending our project to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  In the past, the FHWA has concurred with the DNR’s recommendations, so there is a high degree of certainty the project will receive funding.

The city also applied to the Bikes Belong Coalition for the 50% match on May 16 and should hear by early July if the city was approved.


Local Government Aid (LGA) cuts for the City of Garfield

The City of Garfield will have its Local Government Aid (LGA) reduced by $5,149 in 2003 and another $5,149 in 2004, for a total cut of $10,298.  That equals a 23.75% cut each year for 2003 and 2004 from the certified 2003 amount of $21,677.  The Market Value Homestead Credit (MVHC) amount will not be reduced either year.

The city is not planning any reductions in services since there are not any non-essential services the city could identify.  The city will need to absorb the loss from its reserves in the general budget.


City of Garfield welcomes Odyssey Steel and Trim

Odyssey Steel and Trim is a new company in Garfield that occupies the former Schott Automation building on County Road 40.  Odyssey manufactures steel siding and roofing for industrial and commercial buildings.  The company will have two full-time employees, Leroy Buse and Randy Vroman, the owners, as well as a part-time secretary/administrative assistant.  The company received assistance from the Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission (AAEDC) with financing for acquisition of new machinery and equipment.  In addition, the Alexandria-Douglas County Developers Revolving Loan Fund and the Greater Alexandria Industrial Network (GAIN), a fund operated under West Central Initiative, participated in the project.

Odyssey plans to hire additional employees as the company grows.  They are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  They can be reached at 330-834-2006

Garfield Summer Celebration a Success!

The annual Garfield Summer Celebration ended on Saturday, August 9 with a high note.  The event was a great success from beginning to end.  From the numerous garage sales to the excellent parade and activities for all ages to enjoy.  It could not have been accomplished without the efforts of the Garfield Community Club, Garfield Fire Department and First Responders, and all of the sponsors too many to mention.  The Community Club would like to thank all that participated in making this year’s event even greater than last.

The City of Garfield and the Community Club looks forward to begin preparations for next year’s celebration, which will be held on the 2nd Saturday in August, 2004.