City of Garfield Website is Launched

This new website will showcase all that our wonderful community has to offer!

Find news on events, businesses, ordinances, or take your time and peruse historical information that we can’t wait to add. We hope that you will share this resource with your family and friends. And if you have some interesting stories or photos that will help tell the story of this great, small town, please contact City Hall with them so we can consider adding it to the site.


Lawn Clippings

Just a friendly reminder to all Garfield residents that NO grass clippings/leaves are to be blown onto the streets when mowing lawn. This causes blockage to the drainage of storm water. Thank you!

Garfield Centennial Celebration a Huge Success!

Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, the celebration of Garfield’s history and vision of the city’s future on August 13th and 14th was a great success!  The Community Club members, History Book Committee, Entertainment Committee, Vendor Committee, Beautification Committee, Sales and Marketing and Finance Committees all deserve a huge pat on the back.  In addition, there were many other groups and individuals that donated their time and energy (and not to mention money!) to ensure that this would be a celebration to remember for a long time.  A special thank you to the Garfield Fire Department for all of the donations for various events, including a tremendous fireworks display and the kids games.

The city hopes that if you were able to attend part or all of the celebration, that you enjoyed it.