Garfield is in west central Minnesota’s Douglas County, an area rich in agriculture, recreation and tourism, business and beauty. It is located six miles west of Alexandria, a regional center for shopping and business activity. Garfield is full of wonderful opportunities and a great place to live, work, and play.

Garfield’s estimated 2007 population is 304 and growing.  The location provides people with the advantage of a great highway system, with Interstate 94 only four miles away. The transition of the Burlington Northern railway into an all-purpose recreation trail known as the Central Lakes Trail/Lake Wobegon Trail is also a terrific asset. The trail stretches from St. Joseph all the way to Fergus Falls.  The City of Garfield constructed a trail shelter and parking area in 2004 to provide trail users with a place to rest.  The city received local, county and state funding to make the trailhead project possible.  The completion of the shelter and trail paving offers recreational enthusiasts some beautiful scenery and a way to get some great exercise.

Whether you are considering visiting the area or becoming a permanent resident, we welcome you to Garfield.

For more detailed information about what Garfield has to offer businesses and others, check out Garfield’s Community Profile.

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